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dinner The quantity of walking exercise I took, was not in this

hammered across the yard, appeared on a tray, and turned out to

kept the purse in a very jail of a bag which hung upon her arm by

the previous night, and the conclusion I derived from it was, that I

Peggotty only laughed the more, and held her apron tight over

‘If it’s really the same person,’ said I, glancing towards him, ‘it


day to be aired, before I come out Aired!’ (She laughed, here, in

‘Who has done this?’ exclaimed Miss Mills, succouring her

gratitude and devotion in any case But his easy, spirited good

‘I shall not see many more new faces in Trotwood’s stead,

remember’—but that associated itself with the fifth of November,

‘You are always plotting, and delude yourself into the belief that

of beef and mutton: have a weal cutlet!’

Hold me like a light tone. Talking about the snow when it will stop.

answer to my inquiries, that nobody had the least idea of the

up over a slow fire; the palms of my hands, hot plates of metal

of half-forgotten things to talk about, came rushing into my mind,

David Copperfield

against me rather, with my Agnes I call her mine, you see, Master

and Mr Dick listening, enchained by interest, with his poor wits

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