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2019年10月16日 Source:abvtys937

boy with a comforter, and a shabby-genteel man secretly eating

the creatures of his brain are going from him for ever Yet, I had

David Copperfield

sitting down beside me ‘I want to speak to you very particularly I

trembling to authorship I wrote a little something, in secret, and

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

some rice for a young woman; but the latter, taking the inquiry to

‘Try not to do it again, my dear Clara, and keep a watch upon

amiable for a few minutes; and then would put up his snub nose,

a bit, Master Davy, and I’ll—I’ll tell you something’

sea and coming on across the flat so fiercely, that I had a lazy

these magnanimous words, ‘is not a fit scene for the boy—David,

why it had ever been born

nook, thinking of this earthquake that had taken place so

“What! Him!” says Em’ly “Him that I’ve know’d so intimate so

The general voice soared sharp, he has always been revered as a god of his incredible generals, unexpectedly while hand picking up two a lieutenant general, calm calm.

All this time, her daughter Annie never once spoke, or lifted up

latter was unemployed, he sometimes walked with us to show us

weren’t they?’

Steerforth evaded the question for a little while; looking in

affected to interrupt my conversation for that purpose, and to

This sentiment, as compressing the general question into a

‘Em’ly’s run away! Oh, Mas’r Davy, think how she’s run away,

draw nigher to ’ t, and to peep in, maybe, like a ghost, out of the

Shut up, do you want to be lucky

Mr Dick,’ said my aunt

last saw him,’ said I, ‘he told me that he had, and that his affairs

affection—I allude to his wife—and has invariably, on our


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