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misfortune down, Trot!’

old life, many of which he remembered very well He said it was

‘Nobody never went and hinted no such a thing,’ said Peggotty

delivered an eulogium on Mrs Micawber’s character, and said she

character of these proceedings by going to see some perspiring

in the churchyard, and I watched them from a distance within the

table He assumed an expression of gloomy intelligence (though I

likely to meet him To say ‘How do you do, Mr Larkins? Are the

to change the subject Fortunately it was not difficult to do, for

than usual, which were made for the occasion It was the day of

still came and went, but she breathed more freely I thought I

My voice sounds like a bitter smile. I am with you, not to hurt you.

wonderful disorder which was always lying in ambush in her

mentioning her name, and too much afraid of his laughing at me I

presence of this most respectable man I became, as our smaller

first thing in the morning, and find some means of assuring her,

attended on Mr Barkis all day, I did not like to remain out late at

taken up by my friend Heep, and led to a mutual recognition Of

It seems to me, at this distance of time, as if my unfortunate

everywhere: a monstrous load that I was obliged to bear, a

troubled with a cough The carrier had a way of keeping his head

occurrence took place, ‘and everythink goes contrary with me’

‘And the Punches,’ said William ‘There’s cattle! A Suffolk

be, we might rely on this—there would always be a room for

bonnet in any manner that happened to be comfortable to her

bold and half shy, and half a laughing and half a crying, “Yes,

designed for any such use, it became a perfect abode

hear, Annie,”—no, to be sure, knowing that he never was really

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