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came in, he stood still; and with his head bowed, as if he felt it

‘I am,’ said Mr Murdstone

inquiring for me at all,’ said Steerforth, jovially pouring out a glass

eyes of little Em’ly peeping after us, from behind Ham, and heard

and going home

‘—Is,’ said Traddles, ‘that this branch of the law, even if Mr

me, and keep us asunder’

upon his duty, love, respect, gratitude—claims that every day and

smell of fire that was prevalent there; and janet’s replying that she

which, in those days, had a door opening into the Commons, just

Mr Mortimer, and which was situated near the top of the Gray’s

(I should think) But when I say the eldest is a Beauty, I mean she

assistance with a confirmatory murmur

up as before, and took me away We found the coach very near at

when I am afraid I didn’t show that I thought so’

‘And patient, Agnes?’ I inquired, with a little hesitation

shore Everything seemed, to my imagination, to be hushed in

mean and base action You can sit down or stand up as you please,

silence, that my breath was shorter now

branch of my family which is settled in Plymouth became quite

use of his power’

not at all young, who was sitting in the parlour (the first floor was

informed me, as the result of his inquiries, that the mere

weak, light, girlish creature, and that he is a firm, grave, serious

don’t know what she was—anything that no one ever saw, and

house, and did dismount at the garden-gate, and drag those stonyhearted boots across the lawn to Dora sitting on a garden-seat

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