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cane—a lithe and limber cane, which he left off binding when I

David Copperfield

there was nothing of the sneak in Traddles, and we all felt that to

and always roused him with a question or caress Then he came

the door the box was taken out to his cart, and lifted in ‘Clara!’

will soon get the better of it, I’ll be bound His feelings are not like

‘Not the message?’

My school-days! The silent gliding on of my existence—

‘Fancy, aunt!’ I exclaimed, as red as I could be ‘I adore her

‘Silly, aunt!’

Even if you are really blind and not a official, you can be a princess, Princess


bedroom was changed, and I was to lie a long way off I rambled

one side of the house), and quickly disappear The low arched door

with some large losses In fact, she has very little left, indeed’

aunt, Agnes, Traddles, everyone who knew me, knew how I loved

society Then I would make a fact so disgraceful known, and

back of the coach

sunny south wall There were two great aloes, in tubs, on the turf

surrounded by the sleeping family

that evening, as the last of its race, and destined evermore to close

which only I received On the contrary, a large majority of the boys

Tipp the carman, who always took precedence, went in first to

years, counting from the Doctor’s last, or sixty-second, birthday

since—I do not say it lasted long, but it has been—when I have


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