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by the beating of drums and marching of troops, which seemed to

Mrs Gummidge had been in a low state all day, and had burst

the way; and when we parted, and I looked after him going so

than reply I had struck him hard enough to give him the

was standing opposite, staring so hard, and making me blush in

through the chinks in the floor, and there was a flabby

its successor should come upon its heels, which I then formed

‘Sir!’ I stammered

desert Mr Micawber No!’ cried Mrs Micawber, more affected

David Copperfield

Mell and me, who lived where we could, and got on how we could,

restlessly in at the door again, ‘if Mr Spenlow objects—’

line of that ill-fated Prince who occasioned him so much difficulty;

wild letter to Mr Spenlow, beseeching him not to visit upon her

‘and therefore I would write to those two ladies I would relate, as

had no distinct form in it yet, fell like a stain upon the quiet place

compliments This was all, and yet he seemed to me to say as

retrospectively ‘Ex-actly so! And Joram’s at work, at this minute,

intolerable manner, that my aunt, who had sat looking straight at

night, when our little parlour was warm and bright with fire and

and after a tender good night, she took her nightcap into my

‘Mr Micawber has his faults I do not deny that he is

afternoon, and saw the bottles drawn up in a square on the pantry

Here Peggotty stopped, and softly beat upon my hand a little

‘Oh, Davy!’ remonstrated my mother


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