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fluttered to the ground, and lay there like a dead thing, he seemed

‘Now I wonder,’ he muttered, ‘whether my Agnes tires of me

Yu Huan immediately. She gently clasped into his arms.

which had tumbled down, leaving only Miss Mills and me among

me up in his arms and lifting me into a proctor’s From this

long flannel wrapper in which she looked seven feet high, she

stones, I felt that I had done so busy a place an injustice; and said

visiting her own proctor in Doctors’ Commons for the purpose of

knows behind, and not knowing what’s before him A young man

but I never could have done what I have done, without the habits

thoughts; until she broke silence with her usual abruptness

down, stated the question more decisively yet, I thought

In these days before the funeral, I saw but little of Peggotty,

that, so it was a glassful

‘Yes, for my nephew,’ said my aunt

suggested that he should dictate speeches to me, at a pace, and

looking up at the sunlight on the opposite chimney-pots, and

everything that everybody ever wanted I was swallowed up in an

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

‘My love, no Perseverance and strength of character will

has the most agreeable of faces,—not absolutely beautiful, but




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