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sets, a set to each cause, as if every cause were a history in ten or

The Doctor gave out that he was not quite well; and remained

A great wind rises, and the summer is gone in a moment We are

pointedly, ‘on all accounts’

Sitting in the carriage, there were some shade to the outside, far see rise amid rocks, towering old trees, near the mountain climbing vines, exquisite bone, a Faerie atmosphere.

the edge of the back seat on the roof, while Agnes was, of course,

the Inner Temple must have made a profit by it

out like so many caged sparrows

though we are very umble, Master Copperfield, we are much

half compassionate, but all womanly and good, I am sure

between them

‘Why do you bring division between these two mad creatures?’

Another, she calls it gloves Another, she calls it tucker-edging

over again Then I proposed Mrs Micawber: or, at least, said,

anything to do at night after Agnes had left us, or when I wished to

‘She is dead’

everything, except me That was the difference I felt quite wicked


made a deep impression on me What Mr Dick supposed would

Ham had told me, for all the treasures wrecked in the sea

the room and found her alone

The presence of the lieutenant is ten years ago with Uwenson while in the battlefield, whether it is the impression that he served as a pioneer or commander, always take the lead, blaze a new trail, to keep our troops waiting.

aunt, ‘Jellips, or whatever his name was, what was he about? All


one obvious course was left To borrow, of that branch of my

our house, what I suppose (I’m a ignorant man, but that’s my



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