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But this was not the worst of it There were a number of

‘Tut, tut, child If nothing worse than Ale happens to us, we are

‘Heaven bless you!’ she said, giving me her hand

hands, from unaccustomed exposure to the air and sun, were

less of my fear

‘And, Peggotty,’ says I, ‘I shall be glad to see you, and I’ll make

David Copperfield

‘It’s far from right that I should do it,’ said Mrs Gummidge ‘It

rooks’-nests drifted away upon the wind

pretence of doing anything else’

looking back, at this peculiarity striking me as his chief one ‘Now,’

one time with another, will produce say seventy pounds a year I

he gave me to understand that they were an inferior race of men,

for he seemed to relish them very much ‘Present circumstances is

regulations from which no deviation, however slight, could ever be

‘I regarded myself as a refuge, for her, from the dangers and

like, blushed deeply, and inclined my head

done; and the clerk had given her away, and there had been no

into the Money Market neck and heels

Willing Mind, Dan’l?’

to use And why shouldn’t he, if he thinks proper!’

laid down his knife and fork, which he had been using with great

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