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state of my mind In my forlorn state I became quite attached to

that I knew in church, when mine was always wondering there;


I have tamed that savage stenographic mystery I make a

indignation with which everyone repelled the charge I labour

resumed his reading

gradually soothed until it was only loving, and her soft, pretty

laughed at all that day, except at the Sheffield joke—and that, by

Then he laughed about her, and asked me if I had ever seen such a

in the sitting-room, to keep guard over her She made a great

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

‘Yes, Agnes, my good Angel! Always my good Angel!’

‘Edward,’ replied my mother, timidly, ‘you are a far better judge

knew why I thought she had had some fear that her unhappy

depth with feathers


life, or I am mistaken

he continued, raising that part of his countenance, where his red

when I lived with Mr and Mrs Micawber An indescribable

‘I think you are wrong, Uriah,’ I said ‘I dare say there are

And for someone else besides Davy, my darling, are you listening?

greatest irascibility and impatience


I am terribly dejected for about a week or two I take off my

Humphrey Clinker, Tom Jones, the Vicar of Wakefield, Don

to dismiss your request, without a reference to Dora; and to

‘I’m a mother myself’

Weeks, months, seasons, pass along They seem little more than

I first saw her I loved her at that minute to distraction I should

it would not be very expensive?’

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