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but do you think it did Edward good?’

me into the coffee-room; and a chambermaid introduced me to my

silence, that my breath was shorter now

eyes After dinner, her son took his turn; and when Mr Wickfield,


house wall, and came into the breakfast parlour, whip in hand It

same mind, I believed But as it appears from the course you take

Maybe it won't go back.


And, it being low water, he went out with the tide

They come and they go, and they don’t come and they don’t go,

who, whensoever he lapsed into a smile, was checked by a frown

It may have been in consequence of Mrs Crupp’s advice, and,

flowing water, now a dry channel overgrown with leaves, whether

frame I dismissed the coachman, and she took my arm, and we

‘I hope you have, too, Master Copperfield,’ said Uriah ‘But I am

anything else She wore at her side a gentleman’s gold watch, if I

‘And patient, Agnes?’ I inquired, with a little hesitation

came out from behind it, with her work in her hand, and joined

make myself at all uneasy about his daughter’s happiness He had

without a moment’s intermission, like a great vulture: gorging

no more

I kissed her, and my baby brother, and was very sorry then; but

David Copperfield

‘Not yet? Hey?’ repeated Mr Creakle ‘But you will soon Hey?’


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