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Traddles looked astonished, as he well might; but he had no

‘You will doubtless be surprised, my dear Mr Copperfield, to

‘The more’s the reason,’ returned Peggotty, ‘for saying that it


making his teeth chatter ‘Held by the palings Cried But,

David Copperfield

Micawber, ‘I will not disguise from you, my dear Master

Peggotty, partly for the love of her and partly for shame, never in

as I deserve—as I well, well, know I deserve—but to be

me was on account of Mr Henry Spiker being solicitor to

went on again, picking up shells and pebbles

‘I was sorry, David, I remarked,’ said Mr Murdstone, turning

that can be Because, if it was so long ago, how could the people

was, her being constantly haunted by a suspicion that the servants

that expression ‘I don’t mention it reproachfully, however, but

‘I know you do, sir,’ returned Mr Peggotty, ‘and thankee again

was no sooner turned towards it, than my reproachful young


to sleep A day or two before the burial—I think it was a day or two

between Mr Copperfield and our niece, until we have had an

night; for I don’t know what may be among those tubs and jars

The Doctor stopped, smilingly clapped me on the shoulder

compulsion, arm-in-arm with him


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