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me to every other boy who came back, great or small, immediately

I pass over Mr Wickfield’s proposing my aunt, his proposing

Cathedral, with the rooks sailing round the towers When I came,

and we’ll give you a polishing that shall keep your curls on for the

I saw the door move, and instinctively tried to hold the latch on

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

riddle than the original one—before I could persuade myself to go

While we were at breakfast, a letter was delivered to me from

conveniently organized place in the world It was the complete

meaning was, sir, when you didn’t understand me’ I wonder now,

I could barely show her my letter I proposed to her to walk out

which is a disagreeable remembrance and makes the sight of him

‘Nor him?’ I asked her

Master Copperfield; for we are well aware of our condition’

that Mr and Mrs Micawber and their family were going away

If you can't get back, don't turn back, and he's made up his mind.

‘Nonsense, nonsense,’ said the Doctor

they were nothing to the guilt I felt It lay heavier on my breast

begin next morning at seven o’clock We were to work two hours

justice to society, by which he has been hitherto overlooked, is to

I gave Mr Peggotty to understand that she was as jolly as I

never ask me what it was, and don’t refer to it,’ until she had

growing late, Peggotty and Mr Dick took that opportunity of

whole nervous system, if I had had any in those days, must have

with my eyes on the coffee-room fire

David Copperfield

‘No,’ returned the Doctor







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