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rather put me out, very often It was a great jest of his, I recollect,

‘But what’s she to do while we’re away?’ said I, putting my

The night, still quiet.

I cannot describe the state of mind into which I was thrown by

competition there was starch: which I think was worn among the

round to the chandler’s shop, to enlist Peggotty; Traddles

Does he think to reduce me by long absence? He knows his

thoughts had lingered when I was far away The grave beneath the

legs in a very rigid state—

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

going to a party at Mr Peggotty’s, or of travelling outside the

Peggotty, who was not quite right in the name yet, ‘for I an’t heard

names), that was his own pleasure He had a right to please

she must have had a world of trouble to get it out of Mr Barkis’s

But how could his heart be so painful for a few days

paid; and however painful these things might be (and always

all due deference to his experience (but with more deference, I am

and where we had a very comfortable dinner, and passed the day

other, of a lady, with a very placid and sweet expression of face,

look-out for customers at their shop doors But as most of them

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