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or a Begum Anyhow, from India tidings of his death reached

thoughts! But you have a discretion beyond your years, and can

I shook my head, as much as to say, ‘I believe you!’

objectionable in it, but a tiger or two, and a little heat in the warm

I brushed away the tears that my utmost resolution had not

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

about six miles’

careful indeed in considering this letter; and we have not

thought, to keep him for a month He promised to communicate

He got horses for us; and Steerforth, who knew everything,

with a blessing, I felt quite afraid to leave him by himself, he was

the still longer fingers of a great Guy Fawkes pair of gloves

But this was not the worst of it There were a number of

should have come to a good understanding; for my aunt had laid

David Copperfield

intention of retiring, and has come to live in London; and he asked

companion That he should succeed, was no matter of surprise to

Golden Cross, the inn so memorable to me in connexion with his

The end will follow the instructions to accept. Pang Qin looked up with profound respect and humility, but he said: at least let me for you by the horse.

I got away from Agnes and her father, somehow, with an

his last journey rather fast—Put your hand into the breast pocket

‘Was I though?’ returned the old man ‘I’m glad to hear it, but I


mist, and showing us the ships, like their own shadows

nobody is observing her) tries to give me the cue by the motion of

must remain with these two fellows We are all three off together

the caverns of Memory But she gave us her blessing, and the

acquaintance with you’

whiskers with a little restless pair of scissors, that went glancing

delightful a place as ever; and yet it did not impress me in the

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