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Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

redound equally to the honour of his head, and of his heart’

David Copperfield

down, how the sweeps got round it when they swept the chimney

her sweet face I remember how the solemn feeling with which at

sorry It is not usual to cancel articles for any such reason It is

course of questions During my recital, she kept her eyes on Mr

walked along the path towards the house, glancing at the

comfortable though?’ bore down upon us as before, until the

of making motions at himself with a razor; but within half-an-hour

‘Oh, dear, yes, Master Copperfield,’ he proceeded, in a soft

dustman, occasioned smile to overspread features of D (Of such

you speak, sir?’

‘Ah, Steerforth! It’s well for you to joke about the poor! You

There were great changes in my old home The ragged nests, so

range (I cannot call it the society) of an individual, in a state

with those dark arches I see myself emerging one evening from

great weight taken off my mind, I turned into a by-street that was

from the sky’


been better for the happiness of all parties, if Dora’s mama, when

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