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much That I was strongly inclined to like it, and had taken

‘Get out of the shop! Oh, my lungs, get out of the shop! Oh, my

going out to bed, when he came between me and the door

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

David Copperfield

whom I had not expected to see so soon, when I heard the Doctor

an uncommonly select audience’

morning, and took off our coats to the work; but I confessed that I

always right’

‘Not particularly so, sir’

feel that they are appropriate to Miss Shepherd Soft, seedy

‘Then, you see, Clara,’ returns Miss Murdstone, ‘you should just

him, and to send it to me You need not call me Little,

head, and once more confirmed his previous request by saying,

so that I fancied the whole house was leaning forward, trying to

go, David?’

shut, and the town was dull When I came to Omer and Joram’s, I

How is this boring and living day, how to drag the long day

that, so it was a glassful

I found Uriah Heep among the company, in a suit of black, and

of growing up to be a learned and distinguished man, crushed in



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