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afternoon, and saw the bottles drawn up in a square on the pantry

It was a large long room with some large maps in it I doubt if I

‘I am glad to find,’ he said, ‘Copperfield, that you and Miss

glad to be there—not sure but that I would rather have remained

young and ought to be amused and entertained, and must not

my mother, I say, was sitting by the fire, that bright, windy March

there, and he is the only object in the scene

unseen heather lies in mounds and bunches underneath a

out of the room without replying; seeing, I suppose, that she was

willin’,” says you’

interested the Doctor so much that he requested, on the occasion

nonsense, that I give up all idea of getting out, and abandon myself

‘I’d go ten thousand mile,’ he said, ‘I’d go till I dropped dead, to

her condition

cooler judgement?’

mind’s eye, on the woolsack He passed his hand complacently

returned Mr Chillip ‘Quite as comfortable as we can expect a

human being, while the horses were at a canter!

chin, ‘that you may not consider me long-winded as well as short-

‘Well, Mates,’ said Mr Peggotty, taking his seat, ‘and how are

street, without distinctly knowing what I expected to see besides;

Mr Dick, for a moment, looked a little disappointed; until the

‘Em’ly, she’s talking to some ’un in here’

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