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laughingly resolved to put Jip through the whole of his

they were in the evil hour when I went among them for the first

difference, Copperfield? At all events, wouldn’t it be well to try?’

asked me if it would suit my convenience to have the light put out;

gesture; shrunk within myself whensoever I was approached by

‘My dear Copperfield,’ said Mr Micawber, ‘this is luxurious

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

Creakle’s boys’ heads after a beating—and his grey eyes

thing The stool was smooth, and Peggotty was rough, but that

They all came back together within five minutes afterwards,

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

drowsy after the champagne—honour to the soil that grew the

this hour, that I have never seen such sunlight as on those bright

This was all the consolation that her firmness administered to

would go to India Why should he go to India, except to harass me?

visit to her friend Miss Mills, I imagined that the manner of Miss

shabby like himself, but also, like himself, made all the show it

another respectful silence

There was a twitch of Miss Betsey’s head, after each of these

the cheese He took that off, too, when it was done with; cleared

me, that he had been very low and poorly all day, and had gone to

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