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rooks about it’

I called him a beggar If I had been cool, perhaps I shouldn’t have

companion That he should succeed, was no matter of surprise to

this new half Come fresh up to the lessons, I advise you, for I

‘Aha! What! you recollect my skirmishes with Rosa, do you?’ he

David Copperfield

hearing her there with a broom, stood peeping out of window at

and my mother and he had another stroll by the sweetbriar, while

thought, or what I dreaded I could only look at him

Although I think I had never really feared it, in any season of

I could not disguise from myself, or from the waiter, that this

Commons only, what right or desire had we to object? None, I am

‘Oh my stars and what’s-their-names!’ she went on, clapping a

‘To who, sir?’ said Uriah, stretching out his neck, and shading

‘Yes! That’s just his character,’ said I ‘He’s as brave as a lion,

David Copperfield

‘Until you have had an opportunity, sister Lavinia,’ said Miss

The first subject on which I had to consult Traddles was this,—I

them Whatever I had learnt, had so slipped away from me in the

remember? Let me see

started forth, at eight o’clock, for Mr Peggotty’s boat Indeed, they

There are urgent books in Hou Ye's house.

over his hand like water, ‘here’s another orphan, you see, sir And

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

Copperfield, if I mention that the broker carried off my little round

rejoined, smiling ‘Other people have dozens, scores, hundreds I

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