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being near the fire-escape—and consisted of a little half-blind

she took her dinner in profound silence, except when she

Miss Murdstone, during the latter portion of the contest, had

‘then I ask myself this question If corn is not to be relied upon,

‘Well, sir,’ said Mr Omer, removing his pipe, that he might rub


while, my lone lorn Dan’l, and that’ll be but right! but not as you

before I could resolve to break the seal

and preferred cork jackets, I don’t know; all I know is, that there

nearer it approached, the more awkward it was Mr Jack Maldon

the usual pace The reins were broken, but they had been

‘I thought it might be agreeable, my dear,’ said Mr Omer ‘But

and blowing coming towards us, and soon Mr Omer, shorter-

gone up-stairs to put some rose-water to her eyes, Miss Mills rang

was particularly discomposed, she always performed one of these

honeymoon, too, when my most inveterate enemy might relent,

no more affected my aunt, than it discomposed the cannon I had

I said, and thought, that they ought to be ashamed of

Poor Peggotty lifted up her hands and eyes, and only answered,

come at all hours, and some of them were quite ferocious One

gleam of hope

which Agnes had filled with her influence; and that occupied my

theer, and how he got her to listen to him fust, along o’ sech like

awakened it; but I am inclined to believe that with the simple

When the evening was pretty far spent, and a tray of glasses

much snuff out of Grainger’s box, that I was obliged to go into the

gentleman, was a great authority Mr Micawber had stated his

chimney-piece above the Doctor’s head, ‘the dear fellow says to

ventured to glance at the respectable phenomenon, who had come

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