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especially, that I think Mr Micawber ought (as I have already said,

and would not return before night I had never hoped for this I

short,’ said Mr Micawber, in another burst of confidence, ‘that you

Mr Peggotty was no less pleased than his nephew, though his

loose silver remained

‘Then she should have kept to her own station in life, father,’

‘Is it my doing?’ I returned

demure assumption of being immensely older and wiser than I,

in it, but my mind was thoroughly made up that it must be carried

occurred to cross him so unusually, and to let me sympathize with

offered, and that, after a rather light dinner, I should remain

‘At any rate, they are all reconciled to it now, I hope?’ said I

artificial I don’t know what the tunes were—if there were such

We spoke in whispers; listening, between whiles, for any sound

work together on that wonderful performance, and we settled to

was, but not swaggering—which I still believe to have borne a kind

Trotwood’s clothes tonight’

‘Miss Trotwood!’

great grandfather’s name was?’

general, appeared to be in the same state of conglomeration in the

with much faltering and great difficulty:

spiritless unhappy way, only went whither she was led, and

appealing faces, and filled me with vague terrors When I awoke,








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