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look disturbed? ‘

homage to Dora, I walked miles upon miles daily in the hope of

‘Pray,’ said one of the two little ladies, ‘be seated’

this creature; how I considered what could I do, and what ought I

made his face very lantern-jawed, for the greater convenience of

‘A proud fool!’ said my aunt ‘Because his brother was a little

‘What is he doing?’

each time asking him, with tears in my eyes, for my money or my

here is my bold friend! Mr Chestle wants to know you, Mr

must be three or four years older Perhaps the eldest Miss Larkins

creeping soon arterwards under Em’ly’s little winder, when she

that I am to look at the clergyman But I can’t always look at him—

how the crack speaker walked off from me before I began, and left

these being her usual preparations for warming herself before

and in earnest, and gained great commendation And, in a very

am I do my duty That’s what I do My flesh and blood’—he looked

hastily into the open air, and closed the door upon us Only upon

going to carry into execution This was, to lie behind the wall at

was curling Jip’s ears, as he lay upon her lap, I became grave, and

kinds of treatment were tried with him, coaxing, scolding,

combined, I sincerely believe she had a kind of adoration for him

ever river ran towards the sea, it flashes, darkens, and rolls away

been, on the occasion of Dora’s christening, invited to tea, when

Peggotty would throw her apron over her face, and laugh for half-

with a variety of qualifications, with great talent—I should say,

‘She’s the most ridiculous creature that ever was born,’ said my

who bowed, ‘in order that there might be no doubt or

one, and I umbly ask for bumpers, seeing I intend to make it the

sir,’ he said, ‘doen’t take no notice’

‘She is such a dear girl!’ said Traddles; ‘a little older than me,



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