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be more so Oh what a worthy man he is, Mister Copperfield, but

‘Agnes!’ I said ‘I’mafraidyou’renorwell’

asleep), until we came to the poor person’s house, which was a

occupation she was engaged, however interesting to her the

reverie, ‘what nonsense you talk!’

and gentleness, towards her, she drooped her head more I noticed

staring in at the windows, and waiting for her as often as she

hope I thought I perceived that Miss Lavinia would have

confidentially ‘It was all right’

Micawber were a regular solicitor—’

sickly mask of mirth, I have not informed you, this evening, that

wonder what he’ll be, when he leaves Doctor Strong’s, and what

her, won’t you?’

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

David Copperfield

The meaning of Yu Huan to survival, to the voice of snow in the night sounds extremely scary. He suddenly looked up, eyes dew murderous. You said she did not survive.

drove up to the garden-gate and he went out to receive the visitor

there, all three, and told me how they travelled, and where they

indelible look of regret and wonder turned upon me

another sun and sky; we’ll be content to trust her to her

‘She warn’t no higher than you was, Mas’r Davy—when you

‘Well!’ said Steerforth ‘We must make it stretch as far as we

fortnight’s visit—just till I have had time to look about me, and get

He showed me that it was covered with manuscript, very closely

‘You—are—out early, Miss Spenlow,’ said I

although it was little else than a matter of form, I presumed I

honest roof has ever been, the image of Miss Agnes (I don’t mind

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

were a pair of babies when she gave birth to this child sitting here,


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