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I saw Miss Murdstone lay her beads down

Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

Ham said,

‘I have told him,’ said my aunt, with a nod

another hundred pounds together, to fee a Conveyancer whose

ridiculous creature, or a vexatious thing, or anything of that sort,

what a multitude of things he has shut out for my sake, and how

weather-glass in it, into a quiet little drawing-room on the ground-

not stopped in its growth by this little incident outside the

postponed the Memorial to a more convenient time In a word,

glasses for her father, and a decanter of port wine I thought he

boiled bacon for tea, and disposed of a large quantity without any

He was full of eloquence He gave us to understand that in our

whom I love

begin to break her, like a poor caged bird, and wear her deluded

she tells me what I tell you, Mas’r Davy, and asks me to bring her

dinner-party, as if a body of Titans had taken an enormous lever

his eyes more gently to his wife, said:

her that before she marries my boy, I’ll come and make your house

and sunk a little every day She used to like to sit alone before her

isn’t our umbleness that prevents you, will you come this evening?

for any kind of disaster not absolutely mortal

It was perfectly delightful to behold with what enthusiasm Mr

went our several ways after an early breakfast, and met again at a



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